Monique Patenaude
I was born in Quebec, Canada. Since 1974 I share my life between my place of birth and India. At first performing art teacher and artist, I became increasingly involved in visual arts and returned to university in Montreal where I specialized in printmaking and painting. I define myself as a multimedia artist using all the means that seem the most appropriate that which wants to be expressed. I also love writing but as I have not much time to do so, I write often here and there in my artworks.

My Art
My artistic work is closely link to the “yogic” research which is the backbone of my life. I do not have a single line of expression but several ones developing through diverse medium in different projects. These projects might end after one or two exhibitions but in most of the cases if not all the lines of expression that gave them form continue to live after the exhibitions, reappear later on or mix with other lines in other projects to give birth to new artworks. Two themes are obviously taking a large place in my artistic production: the unity of all and the attempt to express some subtle realities behind, aside, inside of the material world.

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